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the Forbidden fruits

When Timothy Leary said that every person should at least try LSD once in their life time, president Nixon called him the most dangerous man in America. On the contrary in my opinion. Not allowing people to explore their minds with the help of these substances was the dangerous act. We are lucky to live in this moment of human history.
Will psychedelics awaken most human beings within the upcoming 50 years?

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"I see the psychedelic experience as a birthright, and we can't have a free society until people are free to explore their own minds."
- Terence Mckenna

Psychedelic courses for self development

Psychedelics are used to understand reality, yourself, what love is, for curing mental blockages, etc.

Here are psychedelic courses that can help you with gaining insights about particular aspects of life.

Use these substances wisely.


The Psychedelic Cooking Show

Where delicious foods and magical compounds come together to make you look forward to consuming these substances.

It is easy to overdose on a magical brownie due to their delicious taste, control your munchies when eating!


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